Personalized Brokerage Services helps you build a custom plan.

What are the important items you need when growing your
practice? We help with the essential aspects of your growth
strategy such as establishing a target market, hiring & training a
staff, identifying what business professionals to work with and developing a succession plan.

Hit Your Target Market

Personalized Brokerage Services doesn't just hand you a plan


We help you identify who you are, where you want to go and the steps to take to get you there. From media research to vendor coordination to design and language assistance, PBS has you covered.

  • Hit your target market
  • Hire and train a staff
  • Partnering with business professionals
  • Plan for succession
  • Network with collateral professionals
  • Develop a compensation structure
  • Prospecting tools and resources
  • Ongoing client relationship management planning
  • Advanced market support

We offer professional implementation assistance at every step along the way. Using innovative marketing and cutting edge technology, together we can help grow your business.

Quit Prospecting


Ever wonder WHY your clients don't give referrals?

  • Referrals are not only one of the best lead sources, but also the most challenging to obtain.
  • Producers have been sharing their frustrations, challenges, and roadblocks with us for years.
  • After extensive consumer and producer research, we have discovered three key factors to referral success.

Learn how to duplicate your best clients. Duplicate clients, attract prospects, and create advocates with a new simple to implement process.