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Business Development

Personalized Brokerage Services has been providing solutions to independent financial professionals throughout the United States since 1988. Licensed in all 50 states, we offer a one-stop organization for your Life Insurance, Annuity, and Long-Term Care Insurance needs through some of the nation’s top insurance carriers.

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What is a Fixed Index Annuity?

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What are your biggest concerns about retirement? In today's economic climate many retirees and individuals approaching retirement share pressing financial concerns including protecting assets from loss, maintaining opportunities for conservative accumulation, findings ways to.....

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Personalized Brokerage Services

Personalized Brokerage Services is a full-service marketing and business development agency dedicated to helping build, brand, grow, and protect your practice. As one of the oldest field marketing organizations, celebrating 25 years of helping financial professionals, we offer a full range of services in-house, including advertising, public relations, creative, media planning and buying, interactive design and development, lead generation, strategic planning, practice development, and more.

Your Practice

Personalized Brokerage Services is committed to honest and responsible conduct. We owe this to our clients, to the community, and to ourselves to help maintain our integrity. We are committed to helping you and your practice navigate the ever changing insurance industry standards. Our in-house Compliance and Suitability Officer will help guide you through the complicated and sometimes confusing suitability process.

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Advertising Agency

As an integrated marketing agency, we have and will continue to evolve and adapt as the needs of our financial professionals and our industry change. To understand how we can help your practice, see what we've done for theirs.

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Advertising and Marketing